Friday, May 22, 2009

Wow, its Friday already?!

The week has flown by! We've had so much fun! Its mostly been all of us being lazy and lying around and/or eating! We've still had tremendous troubles keeping the goats out of the chicken feed! They are sneaky creatures! Unfortunately, I think Spice has gained some weight, unless she's just bigger than Ginger. So, the "snacks" we provide to motivate feeding Princess have become smaller! On a good note, a little one raisin bribe after the feeding is done seems to be working! Tonight while on the milkstand Spice let Princess feed a few minutes without getting fussy! We're making progress.
Wednesday was fish day. We went to the DeWitt coop and picked up the fishies! There was a really long line, but fortunately it was in the shade and we got to meet some really interesting people! But 2 hours later, we were stocking the tank with bass, blue gill, and minnows! Josh went back to check on them later in the afternoon and saw a snake where we deposited them (they didn't all make it), so the snake was cleaning up the leftovers.
We had a great Friday! Josh made a brisket (yes, its LT Beef) and we LOVED it, one of the best briskets we've ever had. It was our first smoking (we usually rely on the parents to cook it!) and it turned out great. While out in the yard today we saw a snake. The goats and chickens in the vicinity all leaped about 3 feet in the air! Josh went to inspect, very carefully, and it stayed very still. Using the LT Beef encyclopedia collection, we were able to identify it as a Texas rat snake. Once content with its surroundings (and we were content it wasn't any real threat), the snake climbed the tree! Yes, climbed! It was amazing to watch. One potentially unfortunate thing is that the tree he climbed is one we think might house a family of whistling ducks. Hopefully they moved out, or weren't eggs unattended!
The weather has warmed up again (back to the 90's), so we weren't as active outdoors today. Although I did plant a lemon tree and the goats and I ran around a bit in the front pastures near the chickens. Speaking of, Joseph has at least one rooster and he's a cutie. This morning he attempted to crow--it was quite a cacophony, but a cute effort nonetheless. We are also staying busy spoiling the mutts--Shadow loves a good brushing and Greta loves to chase her rope toy!

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