Friday, May 15, 2009

Calves, Goats and Buen Viaje

Tom and I will be visiting Tony & Yvonne for a week in Amsterdam.  Tony was an exchange student at Tom's high school and Tom spent a summer in The Netherlands with Tony's family after high school.  Natalie and Josh will be running things for a week and then Joseph and Ariel will take over.

I disbudded Bubba Gruff; the doelings will be disbudded by the vet next week.  I have mainly been getting ready for this trip but have made a couple of quick videos.

Here are two new calves; one from a heifer and one from a 3-year-old:

And of course I can't resist another goat video:

I may blog some from Europe and Natalie & Josh, Ariel & Joseph are welcome to post ranch updates.

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