Thursday, May 28, 2009


hey this is Ariel.
Joe and I took over at the ranch on sunday. Our friend Torrin from Austin met us out here. Torrin has been working on an organic farm in Buda, he just recently relocated to San Antonio, and is going to be helping us at the ranch.
The first thing I did on sunday night was open up Lauren's excellent cookbook Roasting by Barbara Kafka. I have had Lauren's roast chicken in the past and I was really excited to try it myself. We used Lauren's rooster. Joe, Torrin and I all chased it around the yard and finally got it. When we roasted the chicken I threw in some zucchini and onion from the garden. It was one of the best meals I'd have all week.
Were all now looking forward to eating the rooster from our flock out in the front pasture. We made plans to fatten it up beforehand.
Early Tuesday morning Joe and I had to leave, so I could work in the restaurant Tuesday and Wednesday. Torrin stayed behind to look after the animals.
While we were gone Nathan, co-owner of the pasture chickens, and Heidi came up for the day. They had an LT beef chuck stew, and Heidi got to see the ranch for the first time.
Wednesday night Joe and I headed back out to the ranch with our friend Jon.  When we arrived we decided to visit the cows in the pasture, one was acting strangely and separating itself from the herd. shortly after it calfed! 
Now it's Thursday morning. Jon, Torrin, and I started off the day with an omelet courtesy of the chickens. Then me and Jon cleaned out the dairy barn and threw fresh hay down for the goats. Then I gave Greta, Shadow, and Joe and I's dog Savannah a good brushing.
It's been a relaxing week of feeding Princess, watching the doelings and Bubba Gruff climb trees like crazy and eating good food. 
Lauren if your reading this: hope your having a great time!

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  1. Great update Ariel! Hope to see y'all Late Tuesday or early Wednesday!