Saturday, May 30, 2009

Country Mile

Joe and I are finishing up at the ranch today, were giving everything a good cleaning and organizing so it will be nice and fresh when Lauren arrives. Joe will be out here for one more day before he begins his summer term at A&M Corpus Christi. 
Yesterday, we took the doelings to the vet for thier debudding. So far there's been no problems, and they are acting compeletly normal. 
While we were here Joe also pulled a super off the hives, that had about 50 pounds of honey on it. He replaced that super, and added another to a hive which didn't have one.
I wanted to be really eloquent in this post, to honor the amazing week we had. But I'll just leave that to the band Camera Obscura.
see you soon!

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  1. Another great update and am so glad to hear of the honey crop. I'm about out of last year's honey! Sounds like there's enough to share with family & friends. I'm looking forward to getting back home and am really grateful to Ariel, Joe & friends for all the hard work. Lauren