Friday, May 1, 2009

Heifer's New Calf

About noon I saw No 16 hiding out in the only brush mott we have in
this pasture. Figured she'd calved and was hiding it, as all new
mamas want to do. When I checked there was no calf, so she waited and
went & "hid"by the only big oak in this pasture.

She moved around some more and finally I see her water break. I am
out in my truck now to make sure the calf is presenting properly, but
since I've been followed by 2 goats & 2 dogs, I can't get too close as
she'll be more upset. Usually these mamas can tolerate a truck, but
not someone on foot or a circus like I've got.

So, I'm back to my binoculars. I'll give her another 15 minutes
before I go confine the dogs & goats. If she doesn't progress quickly
I'll have to tie her to the truck and try to help.

Eventually, at 5 p.m. No. 16 ended up at the vets to have her calf pulled.  I figured the calf would be dead by then, but a live heifer was delivered.  We brought the calf and mamma home and kept them in the pens overnight, where the mom and baby bonded.  The calf is up and around and both mom and baby are doing well, headed out to the pasture.

Fortunately, my sister Lynn arrived in time to see the last of the rodeo.  Mamma cow got pretty out of sorts near the end and didn't go willingly to the pens or the vet.  But, in the end we had a good outcome.

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