Monday, May 18, 2009

Worming the Kids, etc.

Today was a good day, eventful, but good. After a good morning of fun, Bubba's horn buds bled (he was recently disbudded). Josh and I cleaned him up and treated him with antiseptic and we're keeping an eye on them. We think they must be itchy because he keeps scratching them. If he bleeds again, I'll call the vet and see about getting a cone!
The big event of the day was worming the kids. I started out with one yummy treat ball of delight, but none of the kids even looked at it. I made them all taste it and, nope, nothing. I was however, followed everywhere by Ginger the hungry goat! Since the treat balls didn't work, I went to work on the drenching. Mixed up just enough water to put the mixture in the syringe. Worked good, except for when the herbs clogged the syringe! This was only after I had spent a good 30 minutes trying to figure out how to put the nozzle on the luck I think a piece is missing. Poor Princess had to endure so much as my guinea pig! So I decided to milk the goats and bottle feed this mixture to the babes.
Milking went OK--Spice was a little low on goods, or was more difficult to milk, so I went on to Ginger. She had a lot of milk, so I borrowed some for all the babes. I was able to find a glass bottle in the house which fit the nipple, and mixed the herbs with the milk. I tried out poor Princess again, but she just wouldn't have it. So I worked on Bubba and Rainbow, who were very reluctant, but it went down with great ease. Later on in the day I retried Princess--still very reluctant, but I think I managed to get a good part of it down. I was wearing some of it too...and did I mention Ginger loves the stuff! She found great interest in my clothes and all of the babies mouths. Despite the wrestling, the kids are wormed!
This morning I rinsed out the pasture chickens' water, so early afternoon Josh and I went to check to make sure it was filling properly, when we noticed that the new bull calf was on the wrong side of the fence--in the North windmill pasture, while mommy was in the South! Fortunately it was by the gate and after a good 30 minutes of scheming we got him through the gate back to his herd. The big bull didn't appreciate Josh's presence one bit!
Greta was in her predator state today and Ginger was in her gluttonous state, so it was basically a day of babysitting. "Greta don't get too excited, Ginger don't eat the chicken feed, Greta calm down, Ginger don't eat the catfood, good girl Greta, Ginger don't eat Greta's food!" All in a day's work.

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  1. Your post had me cracking up! Sounds like a typical day but I thought those days only happened to me! Glad you are so resourceful. Quite a juggling act . Ginger are Greta are the problem children. And well done on your calf wrangling. This is just a test . . .