Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bubba Gruff & other goat news

We had two doelings born Saturday, May 2, and a buckling born Monday, May 4.  The doelings were born without problem while the buckling needed some human help to come into this world.  His dam, Ginger, is smaller than Spice yet the buckling, Bubba Gruff, was about the size of the two doelings combined.

I slept  in the bunk house next to the goats Sunday night but now the initial anxiety and excitement over the first kidding are over.  I was hoping for a buck from each doe so I could keep them and use them for later breedings and freshenings.  The two doelings are for sale and would make good family dairy goats.  All these goats are from excellent dairy lines but I don't want to go into the breeding business so I am not registering the animals or selling them for top dollar.  I want my two does, Ginger and Spice, for our family dairy needs and they need to have babies every year or so only to keep them in milk.

We will see about getting Bubba Gruff a companion as I would like to keep two high quality bucklings.  All the babies are now "kidding around," with their hops and climbs and reverse directions.  Very cute to watch.

C'mon Bubba, we're waiting!
And waiting!
Finally Bubba arrived, after much inconvenience to his mother, Ginger but he was worth waiting for!


  1. My sister, Lynn, was here during the kiddings and she helped tremendously! I am so glad I got to share this experience with her.