Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bees, Goats & Green Grass

Finally checked on my honey bees yesterday after months of neglect. Good news -- they've been doing just fine on their own. Have some more honey on them, which I'll leave for the bees, and both hives appear strong. One hive was very passive and calm, while the other hive was very loud and had lots of bees in the air, although none flew at me aggressively. Thanks to my new bee suit, not one sting.

I made some beeswax candles a couple of weeks ago. I've had a time finding real beeswax candles to buy. Last month when I finally found some, I was assured they were wax candles but once I opened them I knew they were not. I finally called the wholesaler who read me the description from their order book: ". . . and contains 100% bees wax . . ." I knew then what the problem was. I could tell by their scent they contained mainly paraffin and very little, if any bees wax. But of course the drop or two of beeswax they did have in them was 100%! So, now that I've finally gotten set up to make my own, my bees and their production are even more precious to me. And I waxed one of my hard goat cheeses with the bee wax as well. Can't wait until that one finishes ripening!

The goats are doing well; I really enjoy listening to Bubba sweet talk the Girly Goats!

Finally I am using the goat-milk soap I made last month. I am pleased with my first attempt and will be soon be making some Bubba Gruff Baaaaaad Boy Soap.

With all the good rain we've had the cows and calves are looking good. Mostly I've been enjoying the animals, riding my bicycle for errands into town and seeing this place all green again after months of devastating drought.

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