Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays. . . in the rear view mirror

Tom and I receive such wonderful Christmas letters from his family, while my family, now that the kids are grown, strains to put up a Christmas ornament! It is wonderful getting the up-dates of our far-away relatives and staying current on how fast all the children are growing!

Highlights of our year: two weeks in Europe visiting the Lefebers and seeing sights, thankful that my sister could join us; a new sting-proof bee suit for me so I won't have to worry about re-queening as often; goat babies and so far six months of delicious goat milk; our new road and the almost completion of our new 7kW solar system. Visiting with Luce and Phoebe several times during the year was wonderful and of course our house sale in San Antonio and our move to the country was a big change. On a sad note, my mother also passed away this year after a year of meeting tremendous hardship with unflagging good spirits.

What we're looking forward to in 2010 is Tom's new schedule of working only on Monday and Tuesday of each week and spending the rest of the week together at the ranch.

I'll post more about our new solar system once it is complete.

Happy 2010 everyone!

Our new road after an inch of rain last night - no 4WD needed!

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