Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Golly Girlie Goat Soap

Well, my first attempt at soap making. I'll know for sure in about a month whether or not I have real soap, but so far so good! This soap is made from fresh goat milk, thanks to the abundance of milk from my two Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Ginger and Spice. I look forward to using this as facial soap as there are no scents or ingredients other than milk, coconut oil and olive oil, and of course lye, which is no longer chemically lye due to the transformation between lye and oil (fat). No lye, no soap, as they say.

I am looking forward to creating my first batch of Bubba Gruff Baaaad Boy Soap, which will be a manly concoction, much like Bubba Gruff, with rosemary and mint. Meanwhile I am hoping that Ariel or some talented person will help me with labels for our new soap.

Now I might buy some more molds and get back to work. Or go have a snack of my delicious goat milk cheese, both hard cheese and soft, or maybe some goat yogurt with maple syrup. Love my little goatees!

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