Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Blog for our website

LT Beef has been in operation for about two years now.  Our website has directed a lot of traffic to us and my only regret has been that it is static -- I do not have the know-how and software to update it as I would like.

I am hoping this blog will keep anyone visiting the site up to date on where we stand regarding beef availability and our progress in general with ranching and providing a healthy alternative to conventionally raised beef.

I may digress as well, not unusual for me, to other things I am pursuing ranch-wise and livestock-wise.  For instance, I am curious about "organic brush control."  I don't think huisach and mesquite are easy to control, organically or otherwise.  We have a minimum use of herbicide, Remedy and Diesel, used one plant at a time, to try and manage the brush.  Joseph, my son, would like to get organic status for our place and this is about the only thing that would keep us from being organic.  

We don't use other herbicides and we don't use non-organic fertilizer on our pastures and hay.  But that dang huisache and mesquite!  So, I am looking into goats -- all we are saying, is give goats a chance!

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