Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Big Tree - Lots of work

This is one of our century oaks damaged in the storm on April 27.
Seeing a tree so profoundly damaged is quite painful to me. There is
no doubt in my mind that it was here when Native Americans were taking
care of this land.

This image also represents about 20+ hours of hard labor to come.
This tree fell on our fence and will have to be removed, largely by
hand and chain saw. It is lying across an interior fence, not a fence
we share with a neighbor, so at least we can take our time in clearing

Needless to say, no monetary bonuses are paid for this extra work.   I prefer to think of my bonus as paid in advance -- the years of inspiration, awe and pleasure I got from experiencing life with this tree.  However, this may also be an example of the exceedingly hard work sometimes demanded by country living, and why some folks head for the city at first chance.

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